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Covid-19 Update

This is an update for authors and readers in regard to Main Street Rag operations during the pandemic.


Because most of our editors have always operated remotely, all submissions for the magazine, for general manuscript consideration, and for contest entry will continue per our regular schedule.

Book Production:

Because vendor personnel and operations are a factor in production, some of the titles we have listed for upcoming release—particularly those scheduled for April and May 2020—will need to be slowed for release. Part of this has to do with limiting our exposure at the US Post Office.

This will also affect the release date for the upcoming issue of The Main Street Rag (Spring 2020). Instead of the second week of April, it is more likely to ship the last week of April or first week of May.

Book Orders:

Advance Sales for those titles that are released at this time will be shipped a week after the authors’ copies—per usual.
As for day-to-day online orders, we will limit our exposure at the Post Office and UPS by holding orders and only shipping once or twice a week.

Design Work:

Probably the one area that will benefit from having me (owner/publisher/floor sweep M. Scott Douglass) locked up at my home office will be design work. Mostly because there’s little else I can do without incurring someone’s wrath. As a result, I will try to get ahead on designs for the rest of the year. This does not mean 2020 books will be released early, only that they will be ready for release and we can resume a more regular schedule once the crisis passes.

We appreciate everyone’s concern, support, and patience during these times and want to assure everyone that the measures we are taking now will help us come out the other side of this historic event even stronger.


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