Some final notes


Main Street Rag Publishing Company has been associated with the Kakalak brand since its inception. In 2013, Main Street Rag helped restore and revitalize the Kakalak contest and publication by taking over the publishing chores. We are proud of our association with Kakalak and to have been able to step in and help bring it back after its 4-year hiatus.

It’s time for us to pass the baton and we do so to another long-time Kakalak associate, Anne Kaylor, Publisher and Editor at moonShine Review. She was Kakalak’s original designer and has designed nearly all of its issues. She has also served as judge and editor for the more recent issues. Starting with Kakalak 2021, Anne will take over as publisher as well.

The new contact information is as follows:

Email address:  Kakalak@carolina.rr.com
Web address:  www.Kakalak2021.com


The Kakalak Facebook page will remain the same.
Guidelines, deadlines and other information will be relocated to the new website and there may be changes–that is up to the new publisher.

Main Street Rag will continue selling the copies we published and the few stray back issues that are listed in the MSR Online Bookstore.

It’s been a pleasure working with Kakalak contributors and editors. We wish everyone success moving forward.

M. Scott Douglass
Publisher/Managing Editor
Main Street Rag Publishing Company